The traditional audit model has existed and sustained the profession for many years by providing a platform for quality, comprehensive audits.  However, the business landscape has changed. Many companies and/or their employees working remotely, businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions. Companies are also increasingly investing in sophisticated (often paperless or cloud-based) technologies. In addition to these changes, traditional on-site audits rack up travel expenses and often distract your team from their normal duties.

Auditwerx utilizes the CRI virtual Smart Tech Audits & Reviews (vSTAR™) process combines minimal hardware, collaborative software, and cameras to allow us to perform all or part of our audit engagement virtually and in real time. This is neither  a “remote audit” nor a “desk review,” both of  which often involve electronic file transfers and little interaction with management. Instead, using the CRI vSTAR™ tools, the virtual audit includes dialogue with process owners virtually, captures and shares information electronically, and integrates technology seamlessly. We also offer the possibility of performing a hybrid audit, whereby we reduce our on-site presence by supplementing it with the virtual resources available through the CRI vSTAR™ process.

Our goal is to provide you with the same high-quality audit services through more focused planning, with reduced distraction, and at a more cost-effective price point. The CRI vSTAR™ process provides you with more access to our specialists involved in your audit – regardless of your location.