SOC 1 Report requiremed for txdot

The Texas Department of Transportation (also referred to as TxDOT) is a government agency in the state of Texas. The agency is generally associated with the construction and maintenance of the state's immense state highway system but also responsible for overseeing aviation, rail and public transportation systems in the state.

Hundreds of service organization work with and collaborate with TxDOT to provide an array of contractual agreements. Much to their surprise, the most recent contracts distributed by TxDOT includes the requirement for an annual SSAE 18 report.

Texas Department of Transportation SSAE 18 Requirements

Section 2.6, Demonstration of Compliance, states:

  • A. Annually, vendor shall cause to be prepared by an independent auditor a report (“Annual SSAE 18 Report”) covering Engineer’s controls.

  • B. Each Annual SSAE 18 Report must include an attestation that the report was prepared in compliance with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (“SSAE”)18 published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”) .

  • C. Vendor shall provide to State each Annual SSAE 18 Report within five days of Engineer’s receipt of that report from the independent auditor.

  • D. Additionally, upon State’s request, Vendor shall provide independent evidence acceptable to State that Vendor’s operations and controls comply with the requirements of this agreement.

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