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Is Cloud Computing Our Next Generation?

Much has been hyped about cloud computing over the past few years.  Did you know the cloud was originally a concept of the late 1990’s? It was the ASP model or, if you prefer, the Application Service Provisioning model.

More and more companies (large and small) are looking for ways to cut the cost of doing business by leveraging virtual service models. This cuts down not only on the cost of finding someone who can do brain surgery while eating chop suey, but also on the almost vaporous return on investments associated with computing hardware.

What Are the Costs Associated with Cloud Computing?

Well, as we all know cost isn’t always measured in dollars (though ultimately, it ends up there).  The cost of migrating to the cloud typically includes the amount of a setup charge, monthly recurring charges, and support. What are the real costs? Security is the up-most concern when you are swimming around the shark tank that is cloud computing. While the enterprise level cloud is eating solid food, there are still vast implications when passing sensitive data across public internet. As fast as security can be implemented, not so savory folks are attempting to circumvent those controls. It is of vital importance that you ask the right questions and perform due diligence prior to entering into any agreement with a service provider.

Why Are Companies Enamored With the Cloud?

Let’s face it: the cost of owning software has almost tripled since the turn of the century. End user systems are becoming obsolete because software updates require more space, a more robust operating system, and in some case replacement of hardware. If the average lifespan of a new computer is roughly three years, are you going to make that investment? In the cloud, you are always (in theory) working in an industry standard environment, all systems are updated, cared for by someone else and time to market can be actually be an accomplishment, not a catch phrase.

The bottom line is that utilizing cloud computing service provisioning, well, affects your bottom line.

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