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Assurance Engagement Reporting

If You Do Business in Canada or Globally

Financial, technology, and security reporting requirements differ around the world. Companies need an assurance engagement provider that understands the impact of these requirements on the business. Auditwerx assurance engagement services are designed with this in mind. We help you understand how your internal requirements are aligned with international standards, so you can ensure customers that your controls and reporting meets their needs.

International Assurance Engagements

For service businesses working across borders, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that internal financial technology and security controls meet International standards.  Assurance engagement reports provide management with an independent opinion about the effectiveness and validity of its internal controls and how well they line up with customers’ reporting requirements.

The Auditwerx team understands how International regulations impact your business and that of your customers. We work closely with you to review your internal controls and verify that they address the proper International standards. This enables you to build a foundation of trust with your customers, wherever they are in the world.

Types of Assurance Engagements

At Auditwerx, our audit and IT experts are committed to helping you improve the quality of information you share with all your customers. Our certified IT specialists and chartered and certified accountants provide professional, independent verification that your internal controls address relevant international auditing and assurance standards so your customers can trust that your reports meet their exacting requirements.

Contact us for more information about assurance engagement standards and international auditing protocols.